Concrete turntable

Because the transfer of vibration (or, better, prevention of the transmission of vibration) in vinyl records is absolutely critical to achieve top-quality music reproduction, the above properties of concrete, used as building material for our turntable, become even more important. The vibrations from the ambient environment (including those generated by the reproduction of music) impact the reading of grooves and therefore very significantly affect the final sound. Our new turntable consists of multiple “layers” separated by vibration isolation material. The final construction of the turntable is therefore very resistant to adverse external conditions. To minimise the vibration the motor is physically separated from the chassis. The production of our turntable uses in-house ultra-precise bearings with minimal friction. Our tone arms and pickup cartridges, offered individually, come from the world’s leading manufacturers from the cheaper ones to the high-end elite. Our products are tailor made for each customer based on his or her individual needs and preferences.

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